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Sustainable Transport in Africa made IZI



Accelerating the transition to sustainable transportation

The rapid urbanisation of Africa is driving a growing crisis in public transport exacerbated by the high cost of imported diesel. As a result, many public transport operators cannot afford to invest in new vehicles and are operating outdated, unsafe, and increasingly unprofitable bus fleets, with an average age often exceeding 20 years. These further contribute to elevated levels of toxic air pollution and account for 40% of Africa’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

The high upfront costs of Electric Vehicles and lack of local maintenance expertise remain a huge barrier to electrification of public transport. Our mission is to remove these barriers and make going electric IZI. 

IZI Electric Buses in Kigali


Go electric without the upfront investment with IZI's E-Mobility-as-a-Service

‘E-Mobility-As-A-Service’ is a full-service leasing package, which we offer at a low per KM fee. Our affordable and innovative solution simplifies the process of transitioning bus fleets of any size to electric power, helping operators save up to 40% by switching.


Our offering eliminates upfront investment, fuel costs, maintenance expenditures, insurance outlays, and significantly reduces other operating expenses through our cutting-edge fleet management platform.


Through this, we can improve fleet operator efficiency, helping to boost reliability of service, leading to more satisfied customers.

IZI Bus Charging in Kigali


The IZI Connect platform

One Stop Transport Solution


Encompasses the entire transportation process, from trip planning and scheduling to operational management.


Preventative Battery Maintenance


The IZI Fleet Management system is connected to the VMS (Vehicle Management System of each vehicle allowing it to monitor the battery SOH (State of Health) in real time and ensure batteries are proactively maintained


Efficiency Through Data


Our platform provides immediate access to crucial information, such as revenue statistics and passenger traffic volumes. These insights enable informed decision-making, enhancing overall operations, passenger satisfaction, and ultimately, profitability.

IZI Fleet Management Platform

IZI Battery Lab

Building Rwanda's First Battery Lab

IZI will deploy the first state-of-the-art repair and maintenance facility in Kigali, Rwanda. This offers the following benefits:


It allows for proactive maintenance, identifying and addressing issues before they lead to battery failure.


It enables optimisation of battery performance, ensuring vehicles operate at peak efficiency to increase range and reliability.


It supports sustainability efforts by maximizing battery life and reducing waste.

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