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About Us

Our Mission

Only 33% of the sub-Saharan population have access to public transport. IZI’s mission is to deliver innovative technology driven solutions to enable the affordable electrification of transport to serve Africa’s rapidly growing cities.

Our goal is to provide connectivity, reliability, and sustainability in transport to unlock significant economic potential, reduce inequality, and tackle pressing environmental challenges.

IZI team with IZI CEO Alex Wilson

Our Story

IZI's founders have extensive experience in the EV industry from its inception in China. They were amongst the first to secure commercial EV operating licenses in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and 10 other major Chinese cities and currently manage over 9,000 electric vehicles for leading logistics companies including, Alibaba, and SF.


Using the expertise gained from over 6 years in the commercial EV market, IZI has developed its e-mobility-as-a-service offering specifically for the opportunities and challenges of the African transportation market.

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