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IZI launches first ever fast-charging station in Rwanda

IZI Electric

25 Jun 2024

IZI Electric Rwanda Ltd and Century Park Announce the Launch of Rwanda's First Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Station

Kigali, Rwanda – IZI Electric Rwanda Ltd, in collaboration with Century Park, are pleased to announce the launch of IZI Fast Charge, Rwanda's first electric vehicle super-fast charging station to be located at Century Park in Nyarutarama.

In recent months, the number of electric vehicles on Rwanda's roads has grown rapidly as consumers take advantage of progressive Rwandan Government policies that removed tariffs on EV imports whilst also leveraging significant fuel savings on of going electric. The bulk of Rwanda’s electricity now comes from renewable sources and drivers are increasingly conscious of the environmental benefits of switching to electric in rapidly growing cities like Kigali.

But the continued growth of the Rwandan EV market also relies on the growth of supporting infrastructure, particularly charging stations. While Kigali already has over 20 charging stations, these only supply a relatively slow charge which can take up to 2 hours, with many drivers expressing frustration at having to wait. With IZI’s new Fast Charging station, EV owners can charge, on average, in less than 30 minutes for RWF 400 per KWH.

There are also an increasing number of commercial electric vehicles, such as minibuses and vans, being deployed across the city. These vehicles have larger batteries and a business requirement for charging more rapidly.

Designed to be extremely speedy, reliable, and easy to use, IZI's 120 kW DC Fast Charge station allows users to fully charge their vehicle in as little as 30 minutes, providing enough power to travel up to 300 kms depending on the model of their vehicle

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